About Us

“Traveling the world is a special activity, one that we all love! Road-tripping in New Zealand, beach hopping in Thailand, we’ve done so much that it’s hard to keep up. But travel shouldn’t be a one-way street. It gives us so much, so perhaps we should give something back, even a little.


And so proworldvolunteers.org was born. We still travel, we still gallivant, we still fly and backpack and couchsurf. We live it up in hotels and ride night buses through India. But we do it with one eye on ourselves and one eye on our impact. So now we travel mindfully. Helping out bit by bit as we travel.


We work with a lot of grassroot organisations, so we leverage our skillsets and help in whatever way we can when we travel at a local level. Web-designing, painting, cooking. Every little helps. So join us, let’s travel, but let’s contribute too!