Countries For Coffee Lovers

These days we’re very lucky indeed when it comes to coffee. We can stroll down the aisle of a supermarket and browse a selection of great coffee from all over the world. If like my you have a Nespresso machine then making that morning caffeine kick is an absolute breeze, so is choosing with pod to try out that day.

Now I am drinking coffee from all over the world I have started to visit the countries where it’s produced, I can guarantee that it tastes so much better. I have made a list about the best countries for coffee lovers based on my experiences, the good news is that these countries are fantastic travel destinations too.


Quite possibly the best travel destination in South East Asia, yes I think it even beats Thailand! When you’re not learning about the Vietnam war, sunning yourself on the pristine beaches or marvelling at Halong bay, you MUST discover the coffee here. The country exports the second most amount of coffee in the world, but they also love to drink it too. There are 2 to try, firstly known (quite obviously) as Vietnamese Coffee, a drip filter coffee and secondly an iced coffee which can find on nearly every street corner.


I bet you didn’t see this one coming! But the Finns certainly know all about their coffee because they consume more than anyone else on the planet – over 10 kilos per person each year. It is always cold in Finland so a cup of coffee is always welcome, that’s probably why 15% of men and 5% of women drink around 10 cups per day! Lots of lovely little coffee shops to enjoy cake and coffee.


Anyone who has been to Italy knows that they take coffee extremely seriously indeed, it’s the ultimate place for coffee snobs. A few rules to abide by to avoid funny stares, no cappuccino with afternoon or evening meals, it is made to drink right away so don’t fuss if it’s not boiling and never order a milky coffee unless it’s the morning time. Having a coffee on the cobbled streets of rome and watching the world go by is one of my favourite past times.

I’ve limited my list to 3. Let me know what you think about my suggestions and if you have any of your own to add. I’m looking forward to hearing about some hidden gems from you guys. Pop everything you want to share in the comment section below.

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