How much does it cost to backpacking in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of my favorite places in Southeast Asia and I was lucky enough to spend just over 4 months here. I am often asked how much it costs to travel through Cambodia and so I thought it best to put together an article to give you guys a rough breakdown of what kind of budget you can be looking at if Cambodia is on your list of places to visit.

As with many countries, you can travel Cambodia on a range of budgets and it very much comes down to how much you have, or how much you are willing to spend. And so, whether you are on a  shoestring budget or you have cash to burn, here is a rough guide for how much it will cost to travel through Cambodia.


In terms of accommodation, Cambodia really lends itself to all types of budget and in most parts of the country you can find swanky hotels alongside super cheap hostels if you are looking for somewhere to lay your head for the night. For example, if you are on a shoestring then you can find a shared dorm in Siem Reap for around $4 USD, if you can push the boat out then you could stay in a beautiful and sizable family room for no more than $25. As you can see, even if you are on a shoestring, you can stay in and around Cambodia for not very much money at all.

Food and Drink

I would consider the food and drink in Cambodia to actually be pretty pricey in relation to its Southeast Asian counterparts such as Vietnam and Thailand. Those with a smaller budget should be looking out for street food options as these are without doubt the cheapest, you can find meals like pumpkin curry and rice for around $1.60. Generally speaking you should be looking at local meals during your stay here which will run at around $3. If you aren’t worried about money then you can pick up more ‘western’ meals like burgers and pizzas for around $5.

Getting Around

The infrastructure in Cambodia for getting around is really good and there are many travel options depending on your budget. Equally I would say that you definitely get what you pay for and if you are looking to travel long distance, I owed pay the extra for the comfort.  A minibus trip will set you back around $2, long distance bus trips with lie-down beds will cost you around $18 and if you play on taking ferries, you will be looking at paying around $20.


Finally, the attractions around Cambodia are very well priced and will fit in to most travel budgets. Angkor Wat for example, the biggest attraction in the country is just $20 for a day pass, Flight of the Gibbons in Siem Reap will cost much more at around $110 and if you plan on doing some snorkeling in Koh Rong or Otries Beach, you will be looking at paying around $10 – $12.

As you can see, Cambodia is a great country if you are traveling on a budget and I can not recommend it enough!

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