India Is A Great Destination For Your Next Holiday

Have you been to India yet? If not, you really need to book your trip as soon as possible. It is such an amazing country to visit, there’s so much to see and do there that I don’t think you could cover it all in 6 months! After my first trip it left me wanting more and I am very keen to get back as soon as possible.

I was fortunate enough to visit India for the first time with the great guys from Mudita Adventures, the tour they organised took us around some great sites for 2 weeks as well as doing refurbishment work at a school in Delhi. We ticked off everything needed to have the perfect Indian experience.

So what made my Volunteering abroad trip with Mudita Adventures so special? The first thing is that the guys organised everything superbly, then there are the things that make India special. Here are 3 things that will make you fall in love with the country.

The Food

Just thinking about the food in India makes me hungry! If you are any sort of strict eating plan then please leave that at home because you need to eat as much Indian food as possible. Sure, we’ve all had Indian food back home and it tastes great but nothing will prepare you for how good the real thing is. Every meal is a real treat and never disappoints. After a long day seeing the sites or volunteering, sitting down with a butter chicken curry, naan bread and kingfisher beer was always welcome. If you’re vegetarian then you’ll be in heaven because there are loads of options.

The Taj

The final thing we saw on our tour was the Taj Mahal. Now, I am not one for historical sites because I take one look and then I’m done – with the Taj that wasn’t the case. As soon as you lay eyes on the building, which you’ve seen loads of times on tv, your jaw drops because it’s absolutely stunning. Head there when it first opens in the morning so you can get a picture in front of the Taj before the tourists flock in.

The Chaos

Before I arrived I had been told by fellow travellers that India was chaotic, they weren’t wrong. In the major cities there are so many people it is impossible for it not to feel hectic. However, this is not a negative I think it’s brilliant because it just adds to the experience, it’s a beautiful chaos and a good learning experience for all travellers.


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