The Best Social Network Sites For Business

Social network sites give us the ability to connect with other people. We can share photos, personal info and our thoughts on these websites. They are now considered the best way to spread information quickly across the globe. These days most businesses are using social networks to promote their services.

Here are 3 social network sites that we consider to be the best for you business. I learnt a lot of this from a fellow business man Paul Hurdsfield.


Facebook is by far the biggest social network platform on the planet. It is the social network that many of us first used. Due to the fact that so many people are using the website it makes it perfect to promote business and it’s free. Facebook has made it easy for business owners to advertise because they have created a feature for you to create a page. Using this page you can engage with customers, post promotions/sales and also pay to promote posts you think will be effective.


Twitter is another heavyweight in the social network game. If you watch the news you’ll notice that they often quote what people have said on Twitter, I think we all know a certain president who is famous for constantly tweeting. If you have a business and you aren’t on Twitter then you’re missing our on a huge chance to grow your business. One way companies are using Twitter these days is to put out messages, the most famous ones are those that interact with their customers in a funny way because people retweet it and therefore increase their audience.


This social network has been designed for professionals or for those that are working in professional jobs. The main reasons people join the network is because they want people to find them, looking to employ someone or maybe they are trying to contact someone. The platform is good because it allows you to learn more, by joining discussions and groups you will improve your expertise in your industry. Also, if you are looking for the perfect candidate then LinkedIn is for you – this is where the top headhunters go.

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