Why teaching english for a year in Asia is a great choice

Heading away for a year to teach English is without question one of the best ways to hit the road and if you are considering this option, we have put together just a few reasons why you ought to consider Asia as your destination of choice.

Each year there are literally thousands of people who fly across to Asia in order to teach English in countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam and if you are looking to get away, this would be a perfect choice for you. Let’s talk a look at why this is such a great choice.


The first reason why hitting the road to teach English is such a great idea is because it gets you started in terms of traveling. Many people may feel like they want something more structured that simply putting a backpack on and heading away, this gives you the structure that you need. Equally when it comes to traveling in Asia, you can do a great amount of traveling during your time there as traveling is cheap and hitting other countries can be done with ease.

Earn on the Go

Asian countries offer some of the best salaries for foreign teachers in the world and many will even support with things like living arrangements and flight costs for traveling back home. Many people struggle to find work when they are traveling with many resorting to bar or farm work, with teaching abroad you can be sure that you’ll receive a great salary for your work.

Doing Good

As far as young international students are concerned, learning English gives them access to the business and finance world ultimately it gives them a great deal more options in terms of what they do in their lives. Therefore if you are teaching English to these young students, you are going to be playing a key role in helping to shape and improve their future. This means that not only will you be able to travel and earn money, but you will also be doing something incredibly positive with your time which will have a huge affect on those who you are teaching.


Despite the fact that teaching in Asia is more popular than in the likes of Oman or the UAE, there are actually many more positions available and so your chances of landing a spot are pretty high. There are some areas of Asia such as South Korea which only require that you have a TEFL rather than a Bachelor’s Degree which means that regardless of your experience, you could easily land a position here. Naturally there will be some competition for places, but ultimately you will be able to land a teaching job in Asia, with more ease than you would do anywhere else in the world.

Have you thought about hitting the road to teach English? If so then Asia makes for the perfect choice and you ought to take the opportunity with both hands.

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