Dealing With The Challenges That Poor Eyesight Can Bring

It is a fact of life that our eyesight will worsen as we age, albeit at different times, but it will happen. One thing that I have recently learned however, is that there are steps which we can take to improve and care for our eyes, before things get too blurry. Poor eyesight can present us with quite a lot of challenges and so it really is import to take action. Exercise and a healthy diet are one of the first areas of your life which you should look at if you want to care for your eyes. Both diet and exercise have been proven to reduce pressure on the eyes and increase blood circulation.

To reinforce the point about caring for your eyes, here are some of the problems which those of us with poor vision face and how we deal with it.

Using Aids

Although there are some very stylish glasses out there on the market, some of us just don’t want to have to wear glasses or put in contact lenses. To be honest the first time I regretted not caring for my eyes was when I put glasses on. Vision aids like these are brilliant products of course, but I would prefer to have the choice between using them and not. The choice will be up to you as to what kind of glasses you get or whether you wear contact lenses, try both and see which works best or you could always combine them.


The cost of wearing contact lenses can be very high if you are not smart about how you shop. I would, of course prefer not to have to buy these products but buying them online really helps to bring down the cost. Whether you have a prescription or not, as long as you know your lens specifications you can order them online at websites like Vision Direct. Vision Direct offers great value for customers, they have promotions, you can buy in bulk and if you dig around online they very often have voucher codes which you can use to save even more cash, find out more on their page. Incidentally if you don’t yet have your prescription from your eye care specialist, you are within your rights to get a copy of it.

Different Times

Whether you use contacts or glasses, there will be times when you need to change things around, depending on what it is that you are doing. Reading glasses for example would not help you out as much if you were watching television. Speak with your optometrist or optician to find out the specifications around your vision and ask for advice about different activities and how varying frames might help.

Don’t forget that even though your vision may be poorer than it used to be, there are still many things that you could be doing to care for them as they are, and prevent them from worsening.

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