How to Ensure That You’re Active From The Moment You Wake Up

Whatever you are doing in life, whether it is working, volunteering or even enjoying a vacation, having energy to get up and go in the mornings is absolutely vital. This is something that can be easily remedied but something that many people struggle with and today we are going to take a look at just some of the ways that you can ensure that you wake up with plenty of energy.

If you want more get-up-and-go about you, here are just some of the steps that you can take.


A sleeping routine is absolutely critical to ensuring that you have plenty of energy when you wake up. A routine is simple to achieve, you just need to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, weekends included. When you put a routine like this in action, you train your brain to know when it should shut down, and when it should wake itself back up again. Beginning a routine like this will have positive effects after just a few days of you doing it and it will become easier to fall asleep and easier to wake up with energy again the next morning.

Cup of Joe

The first thing that I do each and every morning is to go to the kitchen, get the French press on the go and brew some fresh coffee. The reason I do this is not just so that I can give myself a caffeine boost first thing in the morning, but also so that I have a task to do which wakes my brain up a bit. Using a French press coffee maker requires much more from me than simply putting some granules and hot water into a cup and this ensures that my brain is put to work.


The idea of exercising from the moment that you wake up is enough to bring fear into anyone’s hearts but this is actually a great way of ensuring that you feel energetic for the day ahead. When you are asleep, you are resting all of the muscles in your body and they need to be fully stretched out and worked on in order to help you feel great for the day. A simple 20 minute exercise is enough to get some feel good chemicals pumped around your brain, and get your bodily functions ready for the new day.


A great way to feel ready for the day ahead is to ensure that you have opened up all of the windows in your house to let some sunlight and some fresh air into your life. Our bodies react to the environment which we are in and that means that the brain and the body wakes itself up when it sees sunlight and breathes fresh air into the lungs. If possible, try to time your getting up with the same time as sunrise which will really give you an energy boost ahead of your day.

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