3 Reasons To Ski In Australia This Year

When you get a postcard from Australia the likelihood is that you won’t get one with beautiful snow covered mountain. That’s because you’ll get one of a sweeping sandy beach, the outback or a lush green field. Every winter over 60,000 square kilometres transforms and is covered with snow and ice – that’s what brings thousands of people to visit and enjoy the winter fun. I was in Falls Creek recently and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been there sooner, one of the best ski holidays I’ve ever been on!

If you haven’t been skiing in Australia before then here are 3 top reasons you need to book your trip today:

The Snow

Australia is famous for its sunshine but make no mistake about it, the ski resorts here are heavy weights when it comes to snow. In recent years they’ve had such good dumps of snow that they were labeled as Snowmageddon and BlizzardOfOz, these events say over 1 metre of snowfall in a week – that puts them right up there with the USA and Japan. There’s plenty of snow in Australian resorts during each season for skiers and snow boarders to enjoy.

Snow Guarantee

What if god forbid it doesn’t snow?! Well don’t worry because resorts such as Mount Buller have got you covered. Even the best ski resorts in the world are susceptible to the ever increasing challenges of climate change. Thankfully the top places in Australia never duck a challenge and they have responded with real visor. Over the last decade they have spend millions on making sure that skiers can get their skis on regardless of the weather during the winter months. Mount Buller now has the ability to create winter weather, they’re able to pump over half a million cubic meters of snow each season if the right conditions are in play. All of this means that during the July school break they can pretty much guarantee a decent covering of snow on the slopes.

Fun For The Kids

When it comes to kids enjoying themselves, the Australian resorts made sure they had this sorted for the last few decades. The resorts are ideal for a family ski holiday because they give visitors top quality babysitting services, professional ski instructors for kids over the age of 3 years old, this all combines to give the adults time to enjoy their holiday on the slopes or soaking up the nightlife. There are plenty of activities all the family will love; tubing, dog sledding, firework shows, snow mobile trails and much more.

Have you been skiing in Australia before? I would love to hear about what you enjoyed and any great stories you’d like to share. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section – thanks for sharing!

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